Turbo Mower Offset

The Turbo Mower Offset range offers operators a choice of cutting widths at cost effective prices.

A well designed and constructed range, the Turbo Mower Offset is built with durability and ease-of-use in mind – a low maintenance machine that is simple to operate.

Key Features

  • 1.6m, 1.9m and 2.25m cutting widths
  • Three-point linkage-mounting
  • PTO overrun protection
  • Choice of whale-tail or J flails
  • 155 degrees of head movement
  • Vertical and horizontal hydraulic adjustment
  • Safety breakaway
  • Double-skin protection
  • Fuel-efficient, high-performance double spiral rotor
  • Cutting height of 30mm - 80mm
  • Maximum cutting diameter of 50mm
  • Optional hydraulic floation system

Product Specification


Cutting Width
(max width of cut) 
1.6m (5’3”) 1.9m(6’3”) 2.25m(7’4”)
HP requirement
(min hp requirement of tractor)
47-60 71-93 80-117
Attachment 3-Point Linkage
3 Point Linkage 3 Point Linkage 3 Point Linkage
Hydraulic Offset Hydraulic Operation Hydraulic Operation Hydraulic Operation
(weight of machine in kg)
665 735 775
PTO speed
(maximum RPM of PTO shaft)
540 540 540
No. of Flails
(J flails on twisted shackle or back-to-back flail)
20 24 28
Maximum downward movement -65° -65° -65°
Maximum upward movement +90° +90° +90°