CC - Low Friction Cable Controls

The original remote cable control. Using a series of low friction cable controls in conjunction with a remote hydraulic valve. A simple lever arrangement gives individual control of each hydraulic ram cylinder.

Lever arm controls provide basic operation of first and second arm, along with head angling, and all other available functions depending on specification.

Control Compatibility

Standard = Standard   Optional = Optional   Not Available = Not Available

Microklippa Standard
Wren Standard
Robin Standard
Raven Standard
Osprey Standard
Kestrel Evo 'E' Standard
Kestrel Evo 'S' Standard
Kestrel Evo 'S' Forward Standard
Kestrel Evo 'S' Front Mounted Standard
Hawk Evo Standard
Hawk Evo Forward Standard
Falcon Evo Standard
Falcon Evo Forward Standard
Front Mount Range Standard